A Piano

…Or a keyboard. Either way, God has a sense of humor. But the thing is, He’s being serious. Since i have began living with a lovely lady who is an extremely talented pianist and singer, all i want to do is learn who to play the piano and sing well. Not because i desire others […]

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Back & Forth

I’m a joyful person. I smile. I laugh. I sing. I dance. I jump around. and now —- I sway. Back and forth. I was sitting in revival group yesterday and a guy across the room from me starts swaying while looking at me. I then realized that i had been swaying back and forth in my […]

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Face to Face

Face to face with God Almighty. That sums up my first week of BSSM… That has been my first week of being 3068 miles away from home… I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect than that. I don’t know where to begin now. His glory saturates everything that is happening in me and around […]

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“Enter Title Here”

I apologize for not thinking of some meaningful, eye-catching, thought provoking title for my very first blog. Honestly, first things first- The Lord hasn’t given me a title for this new chapter just yet. Sure, i could very easily throw out “New Beginnings”, “Hello California”, “Out On My Own”, “3068 miles”, “Welcome to Bethel”… But […]

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