37 days till Summer

2013 has been a wild year. My season changes were back and forth, I guess you could say: Winter, Spring, Summer, Winter, Summer, Winter, Summer, Autumn, Winter. And here I am, recovering from Christmas’ food coma and praying for snow. While the reality of jumping seasons once again sets in. 37 days till Summer… James […]

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I Didn’t Fall, I Chose

Marrying someone just because you fell in love with them is a disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t choose to love James  at the same speed that I fell in love with him at.  I’ve been getting a few Facebook messages lately from people I haven’t talked to in years. They all want to know what […]

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And Suddenly…

” “I charge you, O daughters… Do not stir up nor awaken love until it please.” [Song of Solomon 3]  It isn’t uncommon for me to come back in different seasons of my life and reread the blog posts that were Holy Spirit inspired… Without a doubt, this one will be one that I come […]

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