Easter Thoughts: Is satan powerful?

“Satan “steals, kills, and destroys” because of our ignorance, not because he is powerful.”

Jesus didn’t die just for you to have a golden ticket into heaven – He died so that you can walk in the power and authority that satan so longed for:
Have you ever thought of this? — Of all the universe, God chose for humanity to inhabit the same planet that satan inhabits. That wasn’t an accident on God’s part. The creation of Adam and Eve was a brutal slap in satan’s face – God created something in His very own image, and clearly, that didn’t sit well with satan.

>>Fast Forward>>

Jesus died to bridge the divide that Adam’s choice in the garden created. He raised again so that you and I can live on earth in the same manner He did: Victoriously!

Any power you think satan has, is not his to begin with, it’s only what he’s acquired from those who are not living in their rightful place as Ambassadors of Heaven on earth.

Let this Easter Sunday be the one that changes everything for you – take hold of all that Jesus paid for.

Living anything less than a life that mirrors the one Jesus lived on earth is rejecting what He did on the cross. It’s so important to be grateful for what He did, today and everyday forever more. But how much more of an offering of praise and thanksgiving is it to live out the very purpose for why He died.

It’s because of His blood that we can say this! Thank you Jesus!

“I am powerful, and what I believe changes the world! So today I declare:
God is in a good mood.
He loves me all the time.
Nothing can separate me from His love.
Jesus’ blood paid for everything.
I will tell nations of what He has done.
I am important.
How He made me is amazing.
I was designed for worship.
My mouth establishes praise to silence the enemy.
Everywhere I go becomes a perfect health zone.
And…with God
Nothing is impossible!”
– Bethel Church declaration



4 thoughts on “Easter Thoughts: Is satan powerful?

  1. Thank you Laurel for the reminder! Yes indeed, He is risen indeed! A friend of mine says this: Christ died for me to give His Life to me to live His Life through me as me.

  2. I’ve heard so often from non-Christians or those struggling with their faith, “Why did God put us on the same planet with satan if He knew Adam and Eve would make the choices they did?” In fact, I have a close friend who is struggling right now and recently asked me this question and then went on to say that she doesn’t feel that we had a fair chance because we weren’t able to live in a satan-free, temptation-free world, that we weren’t given a fair chance to show we could live with His rules in the garden with free will but without satan’s interference. She having a really hard time with the story of Job as well. Frankly, I don’t really know what to say to her or the others. I just don’t question things like that. I’ve been searching for some answers for them to no avail.

    I love this post!! I was intrigued by your statements about why God put us here. I feel there was more to say yet you fast-forwarded. 🙂 Can you elaborate more on this for me with your thoughts that I could share? I could use some enlightening.

    1. I definitely will!! I wrote this on the road, as my husband and I are out of town for a few days so it was a bit rushed- thus the FF 😉 When I get back home from our trip I’ll expand. Ask any other questions you might want me to touch on!! Love your feedback 🙂

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