Callous Christianity

Callous: Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others (Oxford Dictionaries). I’ll cut to the chase – I’ve been sick to my stomach for quite a while when I think about some of those that wear the same badge I do: “Christian”. It feels awkward to say that because I know God is showing up […]

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The devil made me do it?

Hello World! Quite a few of you have asked me where I’ve been on the blogging front lately. In case you’ve wondered the same, I’ll share my response: I don’t write on here in a pursuit of followers, likes, reposts, affirming comments, angry comments, etc… The former are nice and the latter is exhausting, but still, I only […]

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Athiesm is Our Fault

I’ve been pondering a lot lately on the hearts and lives of those that don’t call Jesus Christ the Truth. And 99% of the time, it makes sense that they don’t call Him that, and I believe it makes sense to God as well. They have only ever heard of Him. They have yet to encounter […]

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Is God happy with you?

You hear so often that God loves…and God blesses… GOD LOVES YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. You see those signs on the back of cars, the same car whose driver flicks you off. You read it on billboards, billboards that have an agenda past making sure you know you’re loved and blessed by God. You hear […]

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Should Christians get married?

Should Christians… Part 2! 🙂 Part 1 was ‘Should Christians drink alcohol?’  I wrote that first article purely with the intent and purpose of a release from the thoughts that were running rampant in my mind and heart; never did I plan for so many people to read it. I’m encouraged by that though, because […]

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